Company Culture

Company Culture

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Cultural Inheritance

       Inheriting 50 years of industry experience and service concept, HD boiler focus on professionalism and is committed to becoming a company that customers trust and rely on.

Innovation  Development

       We recruit talents and introduce advanced talents and technology; develop ideas, strengthen the study and further study in professional fields, and provide clients with more efficient solutions.


       We pay attention to the growth of employees, provide resources and platforms, promote the improvement of employees' ability and quality, help employees realize their life value, share the achievements of enterprise development, and improve employees' sense of happiness and responsibility.

Sustainable Development 

       We pursue the sustainable development of our company, but also the sustainable development of social environment. We adhere to the principle of "people-oriented" and always put work safety and housekeeping during production in the first place;

       We pay attention to the occupational health management of each employee to ensure that employees are free from the health effects and risks caused by occupational harmful factors;

       We strictly abide by national energy conservation and environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, and fulfill international environmental conventions. Meeting the requirements of environmental regulations is our minimum standard.

Contact Information


No. 1, Dongli Road, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu

Zhangjiagang Hua Dong Boiler Co., Ltd.